Sunday, 16 August 2015


Wow, so it’s been a little while since the last blog post but have been pretty busy!


The weeks are starting to blend together and I can’t keep up. Time is just going super fast now.  Apparently it’s only 58 days until I leave.




Last night, I arrived home from 5 awesome days in Melbourne. I could definitely see myself living there. It has been continually voted one of the world’s most liveable being the most liveable in 2014. Vancouver is also ranked up there (number 3 I believe). It’s so comparable to Vancouver and think I would move there if (when) I move back home after Canada.


Anyway, Melbourne was great! I’m sure if you’re friends with me on Facebook you would see that I post way too much and was constantly updating the photos. Mum and I had a ball. We went to a taping of the show The Project, Strictly Ballroom the Musical, a full day trip to the Great Ocean Road, a bit of shopping and I also caught up with one of my oldest school friends Emily.


The Great Ocean Road was fab. It’s such a beautiful coastline. The photos don’t do it justice at all. The highlight was seeing the 12 Apostles however, there were so many tourists! It’s unbelievable. It seemed like everyone was just interested in taking selfies. So many selfie sticks. Although I must admit we took a selfie but we also took the time to enjoy it.  It truly is amazing how fierce the ocean is and how it can carve up the rock like it has. To think that the coast won’t look like it does in another 10, let alone 100 years is crazy. Anyway, I think if I went back, I would hire a car and take the time to enjoy the coast. Go check out Bells Beach and some of the other beaches along the way. Stay down there and go see the apostles in the morning when there aren’t so many tourists. It would really be a peaceful spot without the hundreds of tourists!! 


I also caught up with one of my good friends, Emily. It was so lovely to see her. Honestly can’t remember when we last saw each other and the 3 hour lunch we had was amazing. It’s awesome to have friends where there are no expectations and when you see them things just go right back to where you left off. I can also highly recommend Supernormal – the restaurant we ate at. The food was absolutely divine. Every dish was delicious and I think I rolled out of there. Talk about food baby!


Have a short week this week (again) as my work colleague Lynda is having her Aussie wedding. She just got married in Bali last week but they want to make it official here. It should be a nice day I think! Then next week another shortish week as I go to Sydney to catch up with my friends Di and Bill for the weekend. Time is going so quickly.

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