Thursday, 23 June 2016

A tribute to my friend Clare.

I learned today that my friend from primary school passed away. Clare was only 31.

We were great, actually I would say best friends in primary school and we played together all the time. I have such fond memories of our time together at Manly State School. We were friends from year 1 to year 5 until she moved away to Lowood in the country.

During our childhood I'll never forget hanging out on her boat (where she lived until she moved away), pretending to be our favourite characters from our favourite books (most notably the Narnia series), playing together in the fife band and singing in the school choir and writing letters to each other after she left.

Over the years we lost contact and the internet was not a thing back then, however Facebook connected us again in 2007.

Unfortunately, we never did catch up again as our lives went in different directions, however, through Facebook, I loved seeing what she accomplished over the years. One thing that was consistent from when she was a child to an adult was that she was brilliant, kind and driven.

About 18 months ago she was diagnosed with secondary liver cancer of an unknown primary. I don't think they ever found out where the primary source of the cancer was and from her many blog posts and updates on Facebook she fought hard.

It is always difficult when someone passes away. It really hits home how precious life is and how we must not take life for granted. Clare will be missed by many.


  1. This is way too sad. ��

  2. So sorry to hear hun. So true that it sometimes takes a tragedy for us all to remember how precious life is xxx