Thursday, 5 October 2017

Long overdue update.

Oops! It's been over a year since the last update. Can I say that I've been busy?

So much has happened in the last year it and has been a great but challenging year.

Have had quite a few trips including, Hawaii, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico for Christmas.  Damien has moved in and Mum visited in June/July and will be back in November.

I also broke my hand on Halloween last year so had a challenging few months where I had to learn how to use it again! I had surgery (I now have wires and screws in my hand) the day before Hawaii then spent the whole trip not being able to go in the water! Almost a year later and it's still a little stiff, and my finger is a bit bent. Hopefully with time, it'll go back to normal. I'm just glad I have full strength back and can use it I should after seeing an Occupational Therapist almost weekly for 10 months!

October 19 is 2 years since I arrived in Canada (already) and my work permit expires. Unfortunately I can't apply for any more work permits (I'm too old for the working holiday and they now restrict the number of applications you can have) but I'm now applying for permanent residency! It'll take about 6 months for that decision to be finalised and I'm playing the waiting game. In the meantime, I can't leave the country until a decision has been made so I won't be back home for a little while. 😞

It's my birthday on Monday and we get a public holiday due to Thanksgiving (yay!) so Damien and I are going to Campbell River at the north of Vancouver Island to go scuba diving. Cannot wait! Hopefully we see many cool  critters.

I think that's all, I will try to write more and not leave it so long between updates!

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