Sunday, 12 July 2015

Slowly but surely

It’s amazing how things fall into place. Plans are beginning to form (in my mind).


I found out over the weekend that one of my best friends will be in LA around the time I head over to Vancouver. So now considering moving my leaving date forward so I can spend a few days with her.


Then my other friend has expressed interest in going to the Caribbean for Christmas/New Year and she’s also scuba diver. Funnily enough this is on my list of “100 things”. So now looking into certifying before I leave home at a course in Cairns that I looked into a few years ago so I can go diving with her. It’s a 5 day course where 3 days out on the reef as part of the course including night dives!  Seriously only thought of this today. Anything can happen hey?


It’d be a bit tight with leaving for Canada but really how many days do you need to pack up your life again? Haha!


Tentative plan is now Cairns from October 1 to October 11, with a 5 day scuba course in there as well as Mum coming up to celebrate my birthday. Then leave for US on 13 or 14 October then Vancouver on 18 October.


Still all in planning stages. But exciting! (Also just thought of all this today)


Bit nervous about asking work for the time off and still have to time it right. Thinking it’ll have to be next week that I ask. How do you word it to ask for another year (plus) off work after only being back for 7 months?


Honestly don’t even know if I’ll come back to it, but it’s good to have a safety net. I think I’m just nervous that they’ll say no…but if they do what’s the worst that can happen, that I resign? Gotta look after yourself!


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