Monday, 19 October 2015

Vancouver Bound.

I’m currently at LAX airport. Cannot believe it. The time is finally here to go back to Vancouver. The last few months have lead up to this point. No big deal! I do admit that sometimes I question whether this is the right decision and right now I’m having one of those moments. But I think it’s right. For now anyway.

The last few days in LA were good. It was lovely to see and catch up with April again. Jet lag was really tough though. It took a good 4 days to feel normal and actually sleep through the night without lying awake for 2-3 hours at a time! Yesterday was the first time I felt myself. You forget how much travelling that far really takes a toll and the fact that not only is it the time difference (only 17 hours), but also the climate and food have an effect too - because everything is new and different again! Even simple things like crossing the street is strange. Without a doubt I look the wrong way every time.

Anyway, catching up with April again was great. We went to the LA Ultimate Women’s Expo yesterday which was interesting. It had a lot of products geared towards women, notably lots of wine tasting and those belts that supposedly help you lose weight! We scored a lot of freebies. Bonus! It was in downtown LA which is nothing to write home about. We then had a lovely 10km walk around the Santa Monica/Venice Beach area. Both of us were trying to take advantage of the warm weather and the beach as we both realised that it would be a long time before either of us experienced both of these again! April is heading back to Banff where it has been snowing (!!) and Vancouver has been raining…surprise, surprise!!

Thanks April, it was great to see you and I look forward to catching up with you soon - either in Banff or Vancouver! x

So now the holiday is officially over. It’s time to find a place and job. A place to live is high on my priorities as Canada rentals work by month. Everyone moves in to their new places on the 1st (or sometimes 15th) of the month. As November 1 is next weekend, I really need to find something!

I have a few leads and have made a few contacts which I will meet up with this week once I get a phone number. Need to look at a few places though before I decide.

Really looking forward to catching up with my friends too, so that’s also in the mix in the next couple of weeks.

That’s all for now, will update again soon. Let the new chapter begin!

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