Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Have signed back up at a gym even though I vowed I never would again. Joined Go Health after hearing about it from my friend Sandi.

Went with anther friend Marnie and we both ended up signing up for 3 months plus 8 sessions of PT.

We went Monday morning bright and early (5.30am argh!!) all ready for a PT session...but they didn't show! :| Not a good sign.  So we just went on the treadmill.  I was pretty impressed as you can pick from all sorts of programs and it has an inbuilt tv.  So after 35 minutes and 12 seconds I burned 243 calories.  Did a program where I walked at 6.2km/h and the treadmill changed its incline.

As I still have classes valid at Mad Dance House I ended up going on Monday night to Zumba.  It's still enjoyable but even after not going for about 8 weeks I still remembered all the steps! After 45 minutes I burned 331 calories.

So Monday was a success exercise wise.

Tuesday morning comes and again we decide to go to a 5.30am class...this time body attack.  Thank god this was only a 30 minute class as we had no idea what to expect.  It was a high intensity, high impact (think those are the right terms) class where my heart rate was 170-180 bpm!!! FAR OUT! So good though.  After 29 minutes and 6 seconds I burned 317 calories!

Today, Wednesday...I've had a 36 hour break and it felt like every muscle in my body was aching.  But I had booked in for an Ignition class (where they show you how to use the machines) and I also had it in my mind to do another class.  Ignition didn't happen because of a double booking (wtf?) so met up with Marnie after her 5pm class and did some machines instead.  (I also think it was wishful thinking if I was going to do another class!) Did 20 minutes cross trainer, 10 minutes bike and 20 minutes treadmill.  The cross trainer alternated difficulty, bike was just difficult full stop (legs were so sore by this stage) and treadmill was a similar program to Monday.  Kept my HRM going the whole time and after 55 minutes and 20 seconds I burned a whopping 521 calories!

Now I am so sore. Ideally I'd like to have the next 2-3days off but we're booked in for Ignition tomorrow night.

So far the gym isn't too bad. Organisation wise so far isn't great as the group pt and the ignition haven't happened, but it's only week 1.  At this stage, all I can say is I'm glad I've only signed up for 3 months!

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