Thursday, 3 December 2015

December...where is the year going?

The weeks are just flying by!

I’m going to try and write about my weekends/weeks regularly as the weekends have been so much fun lately and I feel it’s important to record them. :)

Anyway, as of last Friday night/Saturday morning I had absolutely no plans on the weekend. Except to go out on Saturday night. So I thought I would be good and go to the gym. A couple of the girls that I see regularly at the gym said they go on Saturday mornings because one of the really good instructors, Mariette, takes both the Pump and Attack classes. (I never miss Mariette’s Tuesday night Attack classes if I can’t help it).

I get to the class and just before it starts, the same 2 girls invite me to go to brunch afterwards. Sweet! That is just what I need, especially after 2 hours of exercise! (1 hour weights and 1 hour cardio and 845 calories burned!). We went to this awesome little café on Hemlock and 7th called Slickity Jim’s. If you’re in Vancouver, go now! The brunch is amazing!

By the time we left there I had got a text from my friend Olivier to say that he and some others were going to Granville Island and would I like to meet up! Couldn’t say no. After a quick shower and change I was out the door again. I love my area as I’m within walking distance of Granville Island…but on the way I walked down the shopping precinct of Granville St (only 10 min walk from my place) and did a spot of “Black Friday” shopping. Bought a couple of awesome jumpers from Roots. Thank you Canada for adopting the Black Friday sales.

Anyway, new clothes in hand, I met up with the guys at Granville. We wandered around a bit and looked at the shops and bought some food for dinner – tuna steaks and salad. Olivier had this awesome recipe from his hometown – Montreal. It was delicious. Oh I can’t forget the oysters we had for an entrée (or as they call it here an appetizer) . Fancy!

Side note for the Aussies if you haven’t been to the States/Canada before: entrée = appetizer, main = entrée and dessert = dessert. The entrée thing still confuses me. I don’t understand why the main meal is called an entrée…anyway!!

We had a great night, awesome dinner and thanks to Adam and Ali, I learned how to play Cribbage. It took a while but got the hang of it in the end! Dinner was amazing and the company was good too. After getting home, it was 10pm and I was still planning on going out to meet some other friends! Although Nanna Nicole was starting to rear her ugly head, I sucked it up and went out. Had an awesome night just catching up and hanging out. Next minute it’s 3am and the bar is turning on the lights, a signal to kick us out. We had some sustenance (ie kebabs) and all headed home around 4am. Thank goodness there are night busses that go near my place although I still had to walk 10 minutes to get home and the temperatures would have easily been below 0!

After a nice sleep in till about 11am, it took a while to get up and get going. It’s not the hangover that affects me it’s the lack of sleep! (Actually I didn’t really have a hangover! Woot!) I had made plans to meet up with my previous landlords, Sue and Jeff for coffee. I lived in their basement for pretty much the whole time I was in Vancouver last time so it was great to catch up again. They still had a bag of my old clothes that were supposed to go to charity that they gave back to me. It was like an early Christmas! (although some clothes will still be going to charity!!).

I then met up with my friend Jess to go to the movies, we saw “Secret in their Eyes”. It was ok. It had Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and the actor from “12 years a slave”. I wouldn’t rush out to see it.

Nek minute. Weekend is over. How does that happen???

But…that’s not the only excitement that happened this week. A group of 12 of us booked to see the Cirque du Soleil show that’s currently in town, called Kooza. It was fantastic. Some of the acts had us all on the edge of our seat. It was a brilliant night. I’ve been lucky enough to see 5 Cirque shows now and each one is so different. You can’t compare them!

Phew. What a week. Who knows what this weekend will bring? Wait, plans have already started to be made! Catching up for sushi with friends tomorrow night and Jess scored free tickets from her work to the Canucks game on Saturday night. Should be a ball as we have no idea what the rules are!!

Next weekend I’m off to San Fran to catch up with my Aunty Gail and family friend Rosalie. They got an awesome flight deal from Aus and are there for 3 weeks! Too bad I can’t take any more time off work but I can’t wait to see them as I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye before I left.  Then it’s one weekend then Christmas. CRAZY!!!


  1. Where is my bullet point version?? lol Di xxx

  2. Sounds so good.

    If I close my eyes, I can picture exactly where you are. The magic of Vancouver. x