Thursday, 7 June 2012


Gonna be sore tomorrow.  Did pilates tonight and already in a world of pain. (btw 133 cals in 43:45).

I always find I hurt more from pilates than anything else. Don't know why?  The trainer who takes boxing also does pilates and tonight she made us do wall sits with someone sitting or standing on us. (We also do this in boxing). Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately in the long run) the lady I was teamed with do I put it? A lot heavier than me and she put her full weight on!!  Somehow I survived 3 rounds of 1 minute.  Don't think I'll be able to walk tomorrow!!

Think I'll be struggling with my burpee challenge too but thank god it's only 5 and not 100!!  Just realised I should be wearing my HRM when I do the burpees too.  OOPS!

In other news, it's so nice to be appreciated at work.  Where I am now would like to keep me.  However because of the current state of the govt so many temporary employees are losing their job and unfortunately they can't really justify keeping me, when others who have been there longer are losing jobs and have nothing to go too.  So I have to go back to my substantive position. :(  Even though where I'm going back to is a toxic place to work it's permanent.  As soon as the govt opens up positions again I'm getting outta there!  I was even told I should be going for AO4s (which I'm already looking for) and AO5s!! It's nice to finally have my hard work acknowledged.

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