Saturday, 30 June 2012

New month new challenge

So the burpee challenge was a major fail.

As it's July 1 I've given myself the challenge to do a ZWOW every day for the month.

Just completed the first one which I've done before.  It was only a month ago and already I feel I've improved in technique so we'll see how it all goes by the time I have to do it again.

Here's the link to the video ZWOD #1

The exercise consists of:

  • dive bombers x 10
  • burpees x 5
  • squat leg lift x 20/leg
  • burpees x 5
  • side plans lift x 10/side
  • burpees x 5
  • pistol squat x 10/leg
  • burpees x 5
3 rounds as fast as possible.

Upper body strength is still crap and so are legs but I've improved a little, completing it in 19mins 51 secs (last time was 23:18).  Just did normal burpees without pushups and did the dive bombers on my knees. But this time all side planks were done with the correct technique (yay!) and I attempted the pistols by using chairs as support and going as far down as I could.  Much better than before!

This time I wrote down the times for each round too:

Round 1: 6.49
Round 2: 7.22
Round 3: 5.40

Wow pretty good!  Can't believe I did the last round the quickest! Perhaps trying to get it done?

Calories for this workout were 198.  But I kept the timer going until I stopped breathing heavily (only about another 3 mins) and I burned 213 altogether.

That's it!

PS. I know I go through all these little exercise crazes or things that I'd ideally like to do to (like a ZWOW a day) so even though I said up there that I'll do it for a month, the real test will be getting up early to do them before work. *fingers crossed*!!

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