Thursday, 9 August 2012


So I haven't written in this for a week now.  Possibly because I haven't done any ZWOWs nor have I been recording my calories correctly.

I had a break over the weekend and didn't do any exercise! It is nice to scale it back a little.  This week I have just been going to classes.  On Monday I decided to the tramp class where in 39.44 mins I burned 231 calories.  Have decided to alternate between zumba and tramp...even though I do like tramp class more now.

Although I wore my HRM at boxing class last night I forgot to start it!  It was a bloody hard work out. I was a bit worried because at first I was paired with Katie (the PT) and when you're with her you don't have a break, but luckily someone arrived later than me so I could be paired with them. My inner thighs were so sore today prob due to the jump lunges we did and the squats we held.  It was weird though as when class finished I got cramps in my thighs...maybe because I didn't stretch enough after.

Tonight was tramp class #2 for the week.  Getting better at some of the core stuff, slowly getting stronger. In 45.37mins I burned 306 calories.  We did more cardio tonight, but with the pilates section I struggled because of the sore thighs...and now I'm worse! But it's a good sore.

Might get back into the ZWOWs on the weekend. Was a bit hard core about it in July, but now that I'm a lot fitter I'd like to try and maintain now rather than lose cms...and if I do great and if not, no problems.

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