Thursday, 2 August 2012


Oops forgot to write after boxing last night...but not much point when the HRM didn't work properly!  It was pretty hardcore (as usual) but finding that my recovery is a lot quicker and I'm trying to push myself harder.

Muscles were sore tonight doing the tramp/cardio etc.  Didn't wear the HRM I now can't find my watch...oopsie!  It's somewhere around here.  It was great though, as my ass is so sore from the pilates and I think I'll be in pain tomorrow.

Feeling great, people keep commenting which I'm not used to but it's nice people notice.  A lady thought I'd lost 10kg (!!) wtf? Told her that it was only 3kg lol.  It's not losing weight it's called losing cm!!  It's amazing, just losing a few cms and I have dropped a dress size.

Occasionally I feel like I'm a little obsessive over it...perhaps because I'm trying to record everything but then on the other hand I'm not...because I still eat crap! (Like today - 2 little lamingtons, biscuit with cream, coffee and fizzy guava drink).  It's a bit of a weird feeling.

I guess the weird thing is that I reached my goal weight and it was kinda like now what?  I think the hardest part now is maintaining it and trying to tone up a little.  Need to push myself harder as I need to develop core strength and arm strength.

Anyway, enough babbling bullshit time for my yummy dinner...spinach pie!

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