Monday, 30 July 2012

ZWOW #12

So here we are again, with sweat dripping...again.

These ZWOWs really kick ass.  Although probably doesn't help that I have the heater on too.

Anyway, today was ZWOW #12 which was a 10 minute AMRAP. (as many rounds as possible)

  • 10 x pistols
  • 20 x low jumping jacks
  • 10 x dynamic burpees
  • 20 x low jumping jacks

Obviously can't get that low on the pistols, but think I was better than when I first started.  Could get about half way, holding on to my wardrobe. Still not doing pushups in the burpees so I guess that's ok.

In 10 minutes I completed 3 rounds + 10 pistols, 20 jumping jacks and 3 burpees.  Not bad when I forgot the jumping jacks in the 3rd round and had to do 40 altogether!

Think my ass is going to be really sore tomorrow!

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