Friday, 12 June 2015

100 Things

As mentioned previously I'm starting this blogging thing again due to that book 100 Things.

So to kick start things here's my list so far. Hopefully I can achieve all of these!
  1. Tattoo (have had ideas for years, but so indecisive it hasn't happened yet.)
  2. Helix piercing (have wanted this for a while. Think it will happen soon.)
  3. Shark diving (whether it's in a cage in an ocean or in a tank I think it would be pretty exhilarating!)
  4. Learn to scuba dive (to go with the shark diving?? Plus did a beginner thing a few years ago and it was amazing.)
  5. International charity work
  6. Learn to speak French
  7. Live in a country where I can't speak the language
  8. Make 50 blood donations. (To date I've done 14 or 15.)
  9. Go to a spiritual retreat in India.
  10. Hike the Kokoda track
  11. No makeup for a month (only because I seem to wear something every day and it would be a challenge!)
  12. Teach ESL in a foreign country
  13. Volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary
  14. Run a half marathon (eeek! I'm not a runner at all so this would be hard!)
  15. Be a tv or movie extra
  16. Learn to ski or snowboard (can you believe I lived in Canada and never did this! Next time!)
  17. Swim with the whale sharks
  18. Adopt a dog
  19. Take a photography course
  20. Write a blog and keep it up. (Oh would you look at that!)
These are the things so far. I'm hoping to add to the list, but if anyone can help me out or come with me for any of these let me know!


  1. I'm reading through your blog now, deeply envious of your impending freedom ! You are going to have such a brilliant time Nicole. I'm deciding on my WHV too, but I will probably have to take the UK as my job transfers better over there. I love your bucket list, I haven't written one (not organised enough) but it's not dissimilar to yours! French/tattoo/photography etc. Anyway, you are going to the right place for extras work - I have a friend in Vancouver who is into all that stuff, I can hook you up if you are keen? She's done a couple of shows. Failing that, if you end up moving to Sydney, I know which extras agencies hire :)

    1. Hi Lauren! You're my first comment! :) If you end up in Canada let me know but the UK would be awesome as well. After reading the book 100 things I thought I better write stuff down and actually work towards achieving them. Yes! Doing extras work is definitely on the cards this time. I was not organised last time and will be achievable. If you have a contact that would be awesome!! Take care. :)