Monday, 22 June 2015

Awesome weekend in Sydney

My weekends in Sydney go way too fast. Went down to visit my friend Di and her partner Bill and as always had so much fun. It involves a fair amount of drinking, relaxing on the lounge and an occasional day trip. It's just so nice to get away and chill out.

Although this weekend we had an interesting conversation about what if I moved down there? This has been playing on my mind a bit since we talked about it yesterday. Honestly I think if I wasn't going back to Canada I'd be looking at moving to Sydney or Melbourne. Depending on what happens overseas, if/when I come home I'll be moving from Brisbane. It has made me realise I'm definitely stuck in a rut here and it's not really the city for me any more.

Don't get me wrong, it'll always be home and I'll come back for my family but right now I feel like it's not where it's at for me.

Just gotta stick it out a few more months. Tossing up when to tell work, playing this waiting game is hard.

Anyway, I did realise that I need to go back to Sydney sooner rather than later. Di and Bill are such good friends and it's so good to see and hang out with them.

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