Sunday, 14 June 2015

Possible developments??

Mum made a suggestion today. Two weeks in Japan for my birthday then go to Canada. Possibility of leaving Aus on October 3 and then going to Canada on October 17. Hrm, sounds good to me!

Just writing it down so it's out there and that it will happen! This means I almost (kinda/not really) have a date to arrive. Still nothing is in concrete but it's nice to write it down though. I think if you write it down, things happen. Hoping it'll work! So far this year things have happened the way I planned so this will happen too!  Bit scary writing it down for everyone to see. lol.

It's funny cos we were kinda on the same wavelength. I was actually looking at flights today around October 15 but it's hard to decide which airline and what route and whether to get a return or one way ticket. If I leave from Australia I will probably get a return as they're pretty much the same price as a one way. If I'm going through Japan though it'll be a one way ticket. Eek! Going to Japan on the way to Canada sounds like a better plan. It's only a 9 hour direct flight and not a 14 hour flight + a 2 hour connecting flight, either between here and Sydney or LA and YVR. Winner!

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