Sunday, 28 June 2015

Gym post (sorry not sorry) and general update

It's been so awesome getting back into a regular gym routine. In the last week I've been 5 days and boy is my body saying "you worked out!". Sore everywhere and I haven't even done any weights...this I need to get onto but it's been so long that I'm a bit scared about getting back to it! I'm so sore from just body weight exercises...what's it going to be like getting back to real weights?? Anyway, I've got my plan for this week, my next day off the gym will be that'll be 6 days in a row...

I'll figure something out in regards to the weights... I just don't want to cut out my attack or combat or jam classes...we'll see!
Also, caught up with my gorgeous friend Sandi for her b'day today. Gorged myself with delicious bbq sauce wings and poutine. All in all a pretty good weekend!

Buggered now. Think the tough workouts of yesterday and today got to me. Time to relax and keep reading this book. 

My current read is "Hap working the world" about a guy who wants to work on all the continents by the time he's 30. Currently he's in Canada...go figure! Canada is never far from my mind. It's crazy.

Anyway, time to chill out, go to sleep and get ready for another week.

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