Saturday, 28 July 2012

Nice day out and new clothes!!

Went for run this morning with Lauren and Marnie. It was shorter than last week at 52.33 minutes burning 340 calories.  We ran from Manly to Wynnum Creek and back. Not too bad!  According to it was about 5.37 km.

Met up with Sandi today which was great! Totally overindulged (in a good way) in Max Brenner and Pimms! YUM! Before meeting up with her I had a look in Review. LOVE those clothes. Ended up buying a few things...2 dresses, skirt and top. To my surprise, the dresses and top were size 8!!! WTF! I cannot remember the last time I fit into an must be at least 10 years ago. Everything was discounted in some way which was fabulous.

So I got:

Pretty good eh? Can't wait to wear these.

YAY!!!  What a brilliant day.

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