Monday, 16 July 2012


Oops forgot to post after going to zumba last night.

In 45 mins I burned 246 calories. Not a bad effort.

Didn't do a ZWOW yesterday, figure my muscles need a chance to recover.  Probably should have done one today but think I'll do it Friday morning instead.  Body hasn't had a break since last Tuesday! Feel guilty...but really shouldn't as I'm doing quite well exercise wise. another story.  Really need to lift my game on this! My willpower is zilch. For example, went to Pancake Manor yesterday for lunch with others from work and had crepe with chicken and creamy sauce and pancake with maple syrup and ice cream! Add a coke to that and boom! Oopsie daisy!

Need to stop drinking coke again. Have had one every day since Friday. Not cool.

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