Friday, 13 July 2012


Ok, for some reason I have a sore knee, but I think it was because I wasn't wearing shoes yesterday when I was doing the kettle bell stuff and I added high knees. Tiles and knees do not mix!

However, I have pushed on and today completed ZWOW #6.  This was a AMRAP. (As many rounds as possible in 10 mins)

  • 10 x pulse plyo jumps
  • 8 x side burpees
  • 6 x jump leg kick ups

Struggled with the burpees so from round 2 onwards I did normal burpees.  Probably didn't squat as low as I could have because of my knee.

In 10 minutes I completed 4 full rounds + 10 pulse plyo jumps, 8 burpees and 5 jump leg kick ups.

Damn! Almost 5 rounds! Next time :)

Meanwhile I'm still sweating like a pig.  I burned about 97 calories in this one but by the time I stretched etc it was 118 cals in 13.34 minutes.

Now I can continue with my day!

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