Sunday, 1 July 2012


Day 2 of July and time for ZWOD #2

This one consists of:
  • 5 x Manmakers
  • 20 x low burpee hops
  • 10 x twisted push ups
  • 25 x competition sit-ups
3 rounds as fast as possible.

My modifications:
  • Manmakers - used 2kg dumbbells as that's all I have and did the push up and row on my knees
  • low burpee hops - just did normal burpee without the pushup but did the low hop thingy
  • twisted push ups - did normal pushups on my knees as my back is a bit iffy and don't want to risk injuring it
  • competition sit ups - just did normal sit ups
Ok so I did modifications on all exercises but that's ok as I figure as I get fitter the less modifications I'll have to do!

Times for each round:

Round 1: 8:14
Round 2: 8:41
Round 3: 8:46

By the way my total time for this one was 25:41 and I burned 198 cals.

Now it's 6am and time to get ready for work!

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