Saturday, 28 July 2012

ZWOW #11

These short workouts really kick your butt.

Today I did ZWOW #11 boy was it hard. Maybe because the past few days have felt like a failure food wise. Don't get me wrong, all the food I ate was absolutely delicious, but I didn't know when to stop!

But anyway it was an AMRAP for 10 minutes.

  • 10 x mule kicks
  • 10 x sumo push ups
  • 20 x side jump lunge

The mule kicks...well let me just say there's no way I could get as high as Zuzana. At least I had a go...push ups were on my knees and no modifications for the side jump lunge.

In 10 minutes I completed 4 rounds plus 7 mule kicks.  It was the mule kicks that I found the hardest and that's what slowed me right down.  But can only get better right?

In saying that I'm sweating a lot and in the 10 minutes I burned 85 calories. After a bit of a warm down it was 100 calories.

Feel like I've lost motivation in the exercise a bit, maybe because I've reached my goal weight so to speak and now it's kinda like what is my goal now?  However I think it would have to be to try and increase upper body and core strength and that's going to take some time.  Maybe I'm too hard on myself, especially food wise.  Just gotta be positive about what I have achieved and use that as strength to keep going.

Anyway enough babble, better get some breakkie!

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