Saturday, 21 July 2012


First ZWOW in a week! Boy it was tough.

This week was ZWOW #8 which was 6 rounds as fast as possible of:

  • 10 x forward/backward squat jump
  • 10 x dragon lunge back
  • 10 x toe touch jump up
  • 10 x side plank leg lift on each side

The only modification used was on the side plank leg lift. After the first round I did it on my elbow.  Also used my 8 kg kettle bell for the dragon lunge back.

Not sure how many calories I burned during the work out as I forgot to record it! My total time for this one was16.58.

Round 1: 2.32
Round 2: 2.28
Round 3: 2.31
Round 4: 2.38
Round 5: 3.14
Round 6: 2.52

After warm down I burned 185 calories.

Not bad!

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