Friday, 6 July 2012


Had a rest day yesterday and I feel great today.

Back into it today with ZWOW #3. Which consists of:

  • split squat lunge
  • one leg lunge
  • pushups/superman
  • skaters
The way this one works is you do a pyramid style workout as fast as possible:
  1. 5 reps
  2. 10 reps
  3. 15 reps
  4. 10 reps
  5. 5 reps
I actually found it quite easy.  No modifications and I just used my 2kg weights on the one leg lunges.  I don't think I could quite do the super mans properly as my core strength is up the creek but that's ok.

Completed this in 17.33 mins and burned 167 calories.


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