Saturday, 14 July 2012


Good morning! What a way to start the day with ZWOW #7.

This one was 3 rounds as fast as possible.

  • 10 x jump lunge side kicks
  • 10 x supergirl pushups
  • 2 mins skipping rope
  • 10 x love bends with kettle bell on each side.

Pushups were done on my knees and I don't use a skipping rope so did a combination of high knees and butt kicks.  Used my 8kg kettle bell for the love bends.

Round 1: 4.57
Round 2: 5.26
Round 3: 5.13

Total time of 15.39 minutes and burned 140 calories. Yay!

Because I hurt my knee, I've now been doing stretches before and after...which I know I should have been doing already...but have learnt the hard way.

Including stretches the whole workout was 20 mins and I burned 163 calories.

In other news, exciting times today as I help Marnie shop for wedding shoes! Yay!

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